Strategic Product Design

I have recently concluded my studies for my MSc in Strategic Product Design. It has been a rewarding experience! See my portfolio for more details

Automation Engineering

Engineering is my second nature! From PLC programming to quality control and automation systems design, it has been my passion for the past 10 years.

Industrial Design

I currently work as an Industrial Designer and Automation Engineer at a farming technology manufacturing company based in Northern Greece. Being a designer means having to work under pressure and also being committed to detail.


Ioannis Sofianidis

Automation Engineer - Product Designer
I’m a passionate Automation Engineer and an ambitious Product Designer. Being persistent and committed to detail is part of my character and I pride myself on having applied these principles to my work too. I'm currently working as an industrial designer and automation engineer in a Greek farming technology company based in Northern Greece. I'm experienced in PLC programming and in 3D industrial design with SolidWorks.